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Skype for Business

The way we communicate has evolved. In our private lives we use a whole range of communications tools — depending on our changing needs. In business, we’re often still limited to the phone and the mailbox. Deliver positive change within your organisation and learn how you can Think Outside the Mailbox with Skype for Business from Cobweb.

In this eBook we cover:

How with Skype for Business you get all the tools your business needs to conference, instant message, share files, present and call.

Cost savings you can make by streamlining your infrastructure and make communications simple.

The ability to host voice and video conferences with up to 250 people and deliver webinars with up to 10,000 customers, prospect and partners.

How Skype for Business aligns with your security and compliance policies in a number of important ways.

Download your free copy today and learn more about how Skype for Business can drive real change withing your organisation, whilst delivering potentially huge cost savings and efficiency.

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