GDPR — A Guide to Business


A Guide for Business

On 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force.

An EU directive securing the privacy rights of EU citizens, organisations in countries outside the EU will nevertheless have to meet the GDPR data management standards to be able to use data from customers residing in the EU and will include organisations in the UK after the country’s exit from the EU (the UK has committed to fully implementing GDPR from May 2018).


The directive will mean significant change to the way organisations manage and process personal data, and so we’ve put together an eBook covering the GDPR requirements, who it will affect, what it will mean for organisations that don’t comply, and how organisations can start to prepare.


"89% of UK businesses still have not made any provisions in ensuring
they will be GDPR compliant come next year."

Don't leave it too late!


No matter where you are with your planning for GDPR – or are yet to start - we hope GDPR: A Guide for Business will give you a useful insight into the requirements organisations will need to put into place to meet the GDPR directive.


Furthermore, to help businesses meet GDPR requirements, we've created a readiness programme. If you're yet to start any GDPR implementation or need further guidance, we highly recommend you attend our GDPR workshop, 26 July, Microsoft UK, London, hosted by Implementation Consultant, Pierre Westphal.