Take an in-depth look at current issues surrounding
Cloud communications and the services and solutions
available. What valuable lessons could your business

  • Cloud Discovery Package
    Introducing Cobweb's Cloud Discovery Package which delivers an individually tailored cloud strategy to support your needs as a business now, and into the future.
    Cloud Setup
  • 10-reasons-ebook-banner_v3
    One of the key reason businesses are put off by cloud is a misguided worry over security. Here we explore why Office 365 can improve your organisations security.
    Solution: Office 365
  • office-365-enhancing-productivity-for-todays-modern-smb
    How can a modern SMB enhance productivity? With Office 365 it’s an integrated mobile communication and collaboration platform.
    Solution: Office 365
  • Definitive-Guide-banner-v2
    The only guide to Office 365 you'll ever need, our eBook takes you through the cloud-based software suite from its familiar favourites to next generation productivity-based tools.
    Solution: Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft 365 Whitepaper
    Bringing Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security in one complete, intelligent, secure solution, designed to empower businesses, whilst enhancing security.
    Solution: Microsoft 365
  • GDPR: A Guide for Business
    On 25 May 2018, GDPR will come into force, a game-changer for the management of personal data. Our eBook looks at the directive's details and areas to be addressed.
    Solution: GDPR
  • ISTR Banner
    Symantec’s 2017 Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR), published April 2017, looks at the ways in which cybercrime has been evolving and the latest threats currently out there.
    Solution: Internet Security Threat Report 2017
  • CSP-Partner-ebook-image
    With businesses increasingly looking to move to the cloud, discover the benefits of purchasing through a Microsoft CSP partner as opposed to going direct.
    Microsoft CSP Partner
  • EMS-Banner
    Understand of how you can fully manage the expanding number of mobile devices in a secure fashion, using Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S).
    Solution: Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S)
  • TOTM-Banner-PowerBI
    Discover how users can begin to develop rich insights using industry-leading visualisation tools and Microsoft's natural speech recognition technology.
    Solution: Power BI
  • DocuSign eBook Banner
    Replace manual signatures and the printing, faxing, scanning and overnighting of documents with easy, fast and trusted eSignatures.
    Solution: DocuSign
  • TOTM-Modern-Meeting
    What does a Modern Meeting look like? Learn how your business could benefit from increased efficiency, collaboration and reduced cost.
    Solution: Skype for Business
  • Maximise-your-office365-investment-managed-services-banner
    The elements and benefits of Office 365 and Cloud, and why Managed Services can help you make the most from your investment.
    Solution: Office 365
  • skype-for-business-whitepaper-banner
    In our private lives we use a whole range of communications tools, whilst in business, we’re often limited to the phone and mailbox. It's time to evolve.
    Solution: Skype for Business
  • How a move to Azure can boost your business productivity
    Why on-premise is no longer fit for purpose and how Microsoft Azure’s infrastructure-as-a-service can replace and improve your business productivity.
    Solution: Microsoft Azure
  • Cloud and the digital imperative
    Explore how UK businesses are using Cloud services, the drivers and inhibitors of Cloud adoption and how Cloud is facilitating Digital Transformation across IT.
    Cloud Research
  • Office365-Collaboration-Resources
    To help fast-track your business to a new, more agile and mobile way of thinking, here are 5 ways that Microsoft Office 365 can improve business collaboration.
    Solution: Office 365
  • 8-Steps-To-Protect-Business-Resources
    We help you put together a plan to ensure physical and digital threats can be overcome in this practical guide to business continuity.
    Solution: Business Continuity
  • Office365-Mobility-Cost-Resources
    How Microsoft Office 365 can increase your business productivity by making your workforce more mobile and saving costs through greater efficiencies.
    Solution: Office 365
  • How-to-Protect-Lifeblood-Organisation-Resources
    Data has become the lifeblood of organisations; yet surprisingly few have adequate measures in place. This eBook looks into how you can protect your data.
    Solution: Cloud Backup
  • 7-Steps-to-Secure-Peace-of-Mind-Resources
    The thought of being hacked or infected with a virus is a worrying prospect. Follow our set of principles and keep the business running smoothly, without losing sleep.
    Solution: Secure Communication
  • Boosting-Productivity-545x156
    Compared to the rest of Europe and the US, UK has a poor record when it comes to productivity. This Whitepaper gives 5 tips to boosting productivity within your organisation.
    Solution: Boosting Productivity
  • Hosted Exchange Whitepaper
    Every business has different business email requirements and there is no one-size-fits-all solution, this eBook evaluates the various options.
    Solution: Hosted Exchange
  • Email Archiving Whitepaper
    As the volume of email continues to increase and IT budgets continue to decrease, the challenge that email administrators face is growing by the day.
    Solution: Email Archiving