IOVOX Call Analytics

IOVOX provides an easy to use call tracking and analytics solution allowing you to understand in real-time the effectiveness of your advertising and the efficiency of your call handling.

Use Cases

Business Intelligence

Understand where customer calls come from - websites, leaflets, print, local adverts, social media posts, directories.

Business Expansion

Business expansion to new regions with local numbers for increased presence.

Improved Call Handling

Improve your call handling by adjusting your staff management based on your call activity.

Optimised Marketing Spend

Track and understand the success of different campaigns,cutting underperforming promotional spend

How it works

Get Smart Numbers

Get local phone numbers and forward calls to your mobile or office phone. You can get started without having to change any of your existing equipment.

Add Numbers to your Call Mix

Numbers are placed to track call source for marketing, support and general enquiries.You can share your new Voxnumbers with the business and start displaying them.

Monitor Numbers

Track and analyse the source of calls and easily identify if calls are being missed. You can optimise your resource allocation and call handling.

Key Benefits


Engage ‘local’ businesses regardless of where you’re based

Adjust staffing levels based on call activity

Email alerts ensure you never miss another sales call

Gain unique insight into call activity and volumes

Analyse business performance through a simple dashboard

Adjust staffing levels based on call activity

Identify call sources in real-time to understand the context

Voicemail any time, any place using mp3 attachments

Weekly reports deliver business intelligence direct to your inbox

Improve the efficiency of telesales and customer service teams


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