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Cloud Backup is a powerful and unobtrusive backup service that ensures any organisation is able to safely backup its data to either a hybrid local/cloud scenario or to Cobweb’s secure UK hosted Cloud.

Use Cases

Protect your IT infrastructure

From physical to virtual and Windows to Linux based systems, protect your whole IT infrastructure

Easier to Run

Say goodbye to costly tapes and cumbersome rotation schemas involved in classic backup systems.

More Simple to Manage

Automatic deployment and easy to use management console, set & forget and assured that all data is backed up safely.

Only Transfer What's Necessary

Reduce backup time, network usage and storage requirements.

Reduce Storage Costs

De-duplication ensures you don’t save the same file twice.

How it works


We will work with you to understand your exact business needs and implement the right solution.


Whether you’re new to the cloud or upgrading, we’re with you every step of the way to ensure Cloud Backup is setup as required.


We are committed to helping unleash the full potential of your business and have built a portfolio of complementary services.

Key Benefits

Restore backups to any machine, regardless of platform. Restore files, configurations, applications or systems to any hardware.

Consistent protection of all running applications with VSS support (including Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory).

Create an exact replica of any system and user data in one step. Restore that replica to a new drive in the event of critical failure.

Only backup what’s changed or new since the last backup, reducing backup time, network and storage requirements

Store your backups using industry standard 256-Bit AES encryption. All data is also encrypted during transfer.

Automate backups based on schedules and/or specific events (users logging on/off, machines being turned on/off).

Acronis Cloud Backup Plans

Cloud Backup 5TB

Pricing from
£500 per month

Cloud Backup 2TB

Pricing from
£240 per month

Cloud Backup 500GB

Pricing from
£75 per month

Acronis Cloud Backup Additional Services

Cloud Backup per GB    £0.25 per GB / month

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