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Cobweb Hosted Desktop

Cobweb’s Hosted Desktop gives you the freedom to access your files, business applications and emails, wherever there’s an internet connection. You’ll see your own virtual desktop, just as you would at the office, on any device – laptop, PC, smartphone or tablet. It’s all hosted securely in our Tier 3+ UK data centres.

Microsoft Office and more

Hosted Desktop provides the full functionality of the business tools you use every day. Microsoft Office, Sage, CRM apps and many more. Customise your users’ desktops with access to the specific software they need; access apps already hosted by Cobweb or use third party applications via web browser.

Microsoft Office

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Secure UK data centres

There’s no need to worry about buying, maintaining or backing up your own servers. Everything is hosted in our ISO27001 certified, Tier3+ London Cloud data centres with maximum security and reliability. All of your data stays safe and protected within UK borders, and technical support is on-hand 24/7, 365 days per year.

Easy and cost-effective

Hosted Desktop is a fully managed service. There’s no need to spend on IT infrastructure because all a user needs to access their virtual desktop is their device. Operation is simple, and it’s easy for an administrator to control which software and apps each user can access.



Scale from single users to thousands

Cobweb Hosted Desktop gives businesses the benefits of an Enterprise-class solution without the hassle or upfront costs of running a dedicated server. It scales from single users to thousands, increasing up to thousands of terabytes of data.

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