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VMware VMware logo

Founded in 1998, today VMware is a leader in virtual infrastructure technology. At Cobweb we use the the VCE (VMware, Cisco and EMC) infrastructure Vblock.

Plus we use VMware’s solutions within our development and testing environment and to provide improved service reliability for our customers.

EMC EMC logo

EMC provides the systems, software and services to leverage one of your most strategic assets—your business data. EMC's goal is to optimise your information infrastructure to meet growing demands for enterprise content management, security, archiving, storage and virtualisation.

Cisco Cisco logo

As market transitions evolve so do product offerings from Cisco - all to best meet customer needs. The network has truly become the platform for providing one seamless, transparent customer experience.

As a result, Cisco and Cisco technology are changing the way people work, live, play and learn. They strive to be 'Best in the World' and 'Best for the World' - offering solutions that meet customer needs, exceeding expectations and contributing to the world in a positive way.

Connecting and collaborating with others is a key element of Cisco's culture. Making the world a smaller place through technology and using it to enhance life experiences. That's the 'Human Network' - a place where everyone is connected.

ParallelsPowered by Parallels logo

Parallels is a worldwide leader in virtualisation and automation software that optimises computing for consumers, businesses and service providers across all major hardware, operating system, and virtualisation platforms.

Founded in 1999, Parallels is a fast-growing company with 900 employees in North America, Europe and Asia.

MicrosoftMicrosoft Gold Hosting

Cobweb is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and a member of Microsoft’s Joint Development Programme and Technology Adoption Programme for messaging and collaboration products in Redmond.

This close relationship means that we gain experience of new Microsoft products long before they are released to the public and enables us to release hosted versions of new software at the same time as Microsoft launch dedicated versions. logo uses the power of cloud computing to provide essential email and web protection whilst virtually eliminating the need to manage hardware and software.

Using a centralised, hosted approach to security and information management, allows organisations to manage a complex collection of technologies in a simple, more efficient and productive manner.

Technology that Learns from Experience – Their proprietary, heuristic technology named ‘Skeptic’ exemplifies technology that is actually made more powerful and accurate because it is delivered as a cloud service. It continually learns based on the volume of threats it sees and identifies. Skeptic uses thousands of rules and dozens of advanced techniques to detect malware including application reputation, junk code analysis and ‘link following’.

Global Relay Global Relay Logo

Global Relay's hosted email archiving and messaging services provide businesses with easy-to-use, professionally managed email archiving, email continuity and email security solutions.

The Message Archiver, Global Relay's core email archiving technology, seamlessly integrates with all email and instant messaging systems to deliver the fastest online search, retrieval and monitoring capabilities on the market today.

Its enterprise-class, web-based email archiving tools address the demands of regulatory compliance, audit and eDiscovery, whilst alleviating the burden of data management, email archiving, storage, security and business continuity including migration of historical data.

Built on a reputation of customer service, technical expertise and compliance excellence, Global Relay has delivered hosted email archiving and messaging services for over ten years and has never lost a message nor had a security breach, helping customers to stay organised, competitive, compliant and in control.

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