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Secured Email

Who’s been reading your email?

Can you guarantee that the email messages you send and receive are secure? Unfortunately, information sent via normal, unsecured email is open to being tampered with, delivered wrongly or intercepted and read by unintended individuals.

There is no guarantee of privacy or integrity. To protect your business against the threat of cyber crime, Cobweb offers Secured Email

Simple, straightforward, secure

Managed email services such as those provided by Cobweb offer a straightforward solution to security problems by providing email encryption for all messages sent and received across your system. We also use the very latest virus-checking technology to prevent infection.

We can:

  • Protect sensitive data as well as your hardware infrastructure
  • Greatly reduce the risk of identity theft, fraud and other cyber crime
  • Put an end to junk mail clogging up your inbox

Other advantages include:

  • No need to struggle with encryption applications
  • No need to invest in new hardware or software
  • ISO27001 information security accreditation for greater peace of mind
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