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Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity and IT Security

In a world where uncertainty is more and more reliant on technology, Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity (BC) are no longer a nice to have, but essential in a company’s long term planning.

The increasing complexities and interdependencies of business processes, systems and applications means that business continuity planning (BCP) must be an integral part of any successful business.

The ability to minimize disruption and get systems back as normal could be the difference between a small inconvenience and bankruptcy.

The need is here for people to access their information quicker than ever before. Using a Managed Service such as Microsoft Exchange Business Email or Microsoft SharePoint, information is stored more securely and backed up in a much more efficient way than most businesses would be able to on-site.

The traditional disaster recovery requirements of 24-48 hours to get a business back up and running with their data is well within the capability of a business due to the fact that the information is all securely stored and backed up at the Hosting provider.

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What could constitute a disaster to a business and could it actually happen? In the current climate, we are constantly reminded of the more dramatic natural and man‐made events that cause disruption to life and business.

We see ‘headline’ events in the news that grab our attention such as massive data loss in places as high up as government departments so if it can happen to them then surely it can happen to anyone? However it is the less extreme events such as power failure, fire, flood, denial of service or data loss which are far more likely to disrupt the efficient running of your business, possibly damaging your reputation too.

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