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Web Hosting

Get your website online with the UK’s leading Solution Provider. Cobweb Solutions provides reliable web hosting so you can concentrate on running your business.

Cobweb's hosted website provides businesses of all sizes with a fully featured, scalable, and robust website hosting solution. Built using Microsoft Windows Server 2008, IIS7 and Microsoft SQL Server 2005, the service offers developers a rich and powerful platform upon which to build and deploy web based applications


Standard Web Hosting

If you’re looking for a web presence which is externally hosted, then Cobweb Solutions Web Hosting with SiteBuilder is the right solution for you.

You will be able to manage your own website and get it speaking your language, looking and acting the way you want it to in 5 easy steps. If that’s not enough, we can also help you with the design and hosting if you need it.

The Microsoft Web Platform from Cobweb is a proven solution for optimum web performance, business scalability and high availability all at a predictable cost.



Standard Web Hosting from £5.99 per month

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 with IIS 7
500MB Web Space included*
Monthly Bandwidth for data transfer 50GB**
Guaranteed Service Level 99.5%
24/7 Telephone Support included
.NET Framework versions 1.1, 2.0 and 3.5, AJAX supported
Active Server Pages (ASP) supported
PHP supported
Create your own DSN/ODBC connections
Extensions Page
Server Side Includes (SSI) supported
Isolated application pool included
Parallels Sitebuilder 4.5 included
Perl/CGI Scripts supported

*Overuse charge £0.10 per 5MB per month

**Overuse charge £2 per 10GB per month


Customised Web Hosting

Our Customised Hosted Website enables you to tailor your hosting to suit the demands of your website. Perhaps you need additional web space, more bandwidth or a Microsoft SQL server 2005 database. Cobweb's Customised Web Hosting gives you all this and much more.

Cobweb’s Customised Web Hosting offers all the features of our Standard Web Hosting and enables you to select optional features to tailor your web hosting to suit your needs.


Customised Web Hosting

Additional 500MB Web Space (1GB total) Domain* 2 year registration
.com Domain* 1 year registration & 2 year registration
Single Dedicated IP address
Additional bandwidth allocation per 50GB per month
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 500MB database (shared server)
Additional 500MB database capacity
SSL Certificates available**
IIS Redirect

*Please contact us for other domain extension options and pricing

**Dedicated IP address required for SSL


Mobile Web Hosting - just £7.99 per month!

With mobile Internet predicted to surpass desktop Internet usage by 2015, the expectation for your website to work flawlessly on a mobile should be the top priority on every web developer's list.

Cobweb has partnered with MobeeSelf, a company that's built a powerful web-based application, which scans then 'mobilises' your website within minutes - there isn't any additional software to download or technical knowledge required!

Once your site has been mobilised, it will render on more than 12,000 mobile devices across multiple platforms including Apple iOS, Google Android, BlackBerry RIM and Windows Mobile.

So, how do you purchase MobeeSelf?

If you are an existing customer, great news - you can purchase this service directly through your Cobweb Control Panel. However, don't worry if you don't currently have any services with Cobweb as you can also purchase MobeeSelf through our dedicated on-boarding team - just call 0845 207 0708 or complete the form below and we'll call you.


Cobweb doesn't currently host my website; can I still use MobeeSelf?

Yes, you can still use MobeeSelf regardless of who hosts your current website. However, web hosting
with Cobweb is available from just £5.99, so it might be a great time to consider moving that as well.

I don't have a website yet; am I able to use MobeeSelf?

Absolutely! You can use the same interface to build your mobile site entirely from scratch.

Can I use my existing domain for the service?

Of course you can - all you need to do is point a sub-domain like "" to your mobile site and away you go!

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