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Cobweb Hosted Lync 2013

Cobweb Hosted Lync is based on Microsoft Lync 2013 and brings the future of communication to your business. Connecting employees, partners, and customers wherever they are, and helping you to reduce costs while increasing productivity and responsiveness to customers.

Lync 2013 is a universal communications solution, giving staff a consistent experience for presence, IM, voice, and video across PCs, Macs, phones, and tablets. By converging communications with Lync, you’ll reduce the costs of traditional phone calls and eliminate the expense of conferencing services.

What is Microsoft Lync 2013?

Microsoft Lync 2013 is a real-time communications suite in one easy to use product. Within a familiar Microsoft Interface Lync 2013 broadens your ability to communicate with colleagues and suppliers and brings the future of communication to your business today. With 4 different packages, there is a Lync solution for everyone. Use the chart below to find the package for you or call us now for a tailored quote on 0845 207 0708.


Lyn features


Build the Hosted Lync 2013 communications package to suit your business:


  Lync  Professional
Advanced     Lync Professional
Pricing From £1.69 £5.99 £7.99 £11.99   Host multiple-attendee IM conversations Limit 10 Purple Tick Limit 10 Purple Tick
Minimum Users No minimum users on all Lync 2013 plans!    Schedule & host multi-attendee HD audio and video conferences   Purple Tick   Purple Tick
Hosted Lync 2013 Purple Tick Purple Tick Purple Tick Purple Tick   Content and desktop sharing   Purple Tick   Purple Tick
Instant messaging 'IM' Purple Tick Purple Tick Purple Tick Purple Tick   Public phone network calling (PSTN)     Purple Tick Purple Tick
Peer-to-peer audio and video Purple Tick Purple Tick Purple Tick Purple Tick   Dynamic call control     Purple Tick Purple Tick
Live presence awareness Purple Tick Purple Tick Purple Tick Purple Tick   Simultaneous device ring     Purple Tick Purple Tick
Lync 2013 / Lync 2010 for mac client Purple Tick Purple Tick Purple Tick Purple Tick   Call delegation     Purple Tick Purple Tick
Lync 2013 mobile clients Purple Tick Purple Tick Purple Tick Purple Tick   Public federation with Skype Purple Tick Purple Tick Purple Tick Purple Tick
File transfer Purple Tick Purple Tick Purple Tick Purple Tick   Secure connectivity with 2048-bit encryption Purple Tick Purple Tick Purple Tick Purple Tick
Cobweb Exchange 2013 Integration Purple Tick Purple Tick Purple Tick Purple Tick   Best Price - 12 month contract £1.69 £5.99 £7.99 £11.99

Please note: phone numbers and calls may incur additional charges - please contact us now for a full quote.


Now available: Make unlimited calls to UK mobiles and landlines for only £9.99 per month. Call and ask about our exclusive Lync Call Package today!


Hosted Lync 2013 from Cobweb Solutions brings the future of unified communications to your business today.

From advanced instant messaging to a complete telephony solution, Lync can merge all of your communication tools into one centralised ecosystem. From day one, Hosted Lync can reduce costs, increase productivity and fundamentally change how your business communicates.

Support WorkerWhat is Microsoft Lync 2013?

Microsoft Lync 2013 is a ready to go, unified communications platform. Lync provides voice, instant messaging and video conferencing, as well as a raft of other productivity benefits. This allows employees, partners and customers to communicate via one consistent and intuitive client.

Lync Meeting

Technology has redefined the working environment. Employees are no longer chained to their desk and now people can work from virtually anywhere. As remote working becomes more commonplace, so does the need for conferencing capabilities.

Lync Meeting allows users one-click access to virtual meeting environments from Outlook or the calendar of a Windows, Android or iOS device.

Participants in a meeting can interact via HD video, audio, instant messaging and are given sharing capabilities.

Lync Presence

Up to thirty minutes per employee is wasted each day trying to get in touch with colleagues, customers or partners. Lync takes the guesswork out of communications by delivering real-time updates.

Lync Federation

Lync Federation allows businesses to extend the unified communications platform to partners, suppliers and even customers. Cobweb’s Hosted Lync is entirely free to federate, with zero setup costs, allowing unified communications to become so much more than an internal tool.

Lync Everything

Lync is not limited to PCs or even Microsoft operating systems. The client offers a consistent experience across all devices, from mobiles to tablets. The Lync Web App allows Mac users to access complete functionality of the client via a web browser, making Lync a truly cross-compatible communications platform.


Introduction to Lync 2013 in Plain English

A quick video guide to the essentials of Lync 2013 from Cobweb. 



This is George. He manages a medium sized IT business. Although George's company is very efficient when dealing with customers, either via email or through direct phone calls, the contact between his colleagues and the business is lacking. The email system they use is fast but George feels that people don't answer emails as quickly as they used to and far too often phone calls between his staff are being missed because their phone lines are busy with customers. And if an important phone call does take place afterwards there is no record of the conversation. This is when George realises that something has to be done. Someone tells George about Lync, the new instant messaging client from Microsoft. Lync allows George to send messages to anyone in his company instantly. It doesn't affect their phone time as they can open Lync in a seperate window. It's much faster than email and includes the ability to make phone calls through the computer. And it has the ability to allow video conferencing. George can now consolidate his many different communication programs into just this one. Also, with presence awareness Lync will not only tell George who is at their desk and who isn't, saving about half an hour each day by avoiding telephone tennis, by ringing someone who isn't there, when synced with Microsoft Office it will also let you know if people are working on the same document making sure that everyone is working together, like one huge well oiled machine. George decides to purchase a server from Cobweb Solutions. His contact list can be retrieved from a local directory service, and because a number of client types are available for Lync, he can also use it with his mobile, his tablet, and since the introduction of the web application, he can even access Lync from his Mac via a web browser and still have access to all of Lync's features on a secure, virus free server. Since this switch-over George, his business and hs clients are working together smoother than ever. There is no need to miss an important message ever again, no need to spend time away from your customers to wait for emails and return calls. Lync delivers a familiar and engaging communications experience across a variety of devices and platforms. Once again George is a happy man thanks to Microsoft Lync from Cobweb Solutions.

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