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Every day, organisations face potential communication, operational and intellectual property disruption from malicious software (‘malware’) and other email-borne threats, such as phishing.

The sophistication of email threats has evolved; going beyond just viruses and spam with virus, spam and spyware writers now sharing methods. As a result, different types of attack have started to merge and pose greater threats to your organisation, leading to a significant increase in email-related costs.

Some attacks are so targeted they never even appear on the antivirus industry radar and are not properly identified or stopped by reactive signature-based antivirus scanners.

The Symantec MessageLabs Email service represents a significant step forward in the ongoing battle against unwanted virus writers, because it can deal with known and unknown threats long before they reach your network. Multilayered Antivirus Defences

Message Labs AntiVirus Defenses

At the heart of our services is Skeptic™, a proprietary threat ecosystem, which has been continuously developed since 1999.

Skeptic™ sits at the internet level, scanning billions of electronic communications every week, learning from each one and automatically updating itself. The more it sees, the smarter it gets, further enhancing its threat detection capability and providing protection from known and unknown viruses.

As well as providing your organisation with protection from known and unknown viruses, advanced heuristics are constantly refined to help combat phishing, Trojans and other malicious content, which can help you to avoid using valuable time and resources, dealing with malware outbreaks and the associated clean up.

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Cobweb Hosted Exchange Email is provided with antispam and antivirus protection, ensuring safe and secure email communications for your business.


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