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Data is the lifeblood of every company – email, websites, documents – and Cobweb keeps it safe from viruses, spyware, accidents, theft and loss. services address three key issues:

  • Data protection - encrypt, backup, archive, recover and secure email communications and documents to protect your business and its confidential information
  • Communication security - protect users from email-borne spam, viruses and inappropriate content and enforce 'acceptable use' policies
  • End-user protection - keep your employees safe from web-based threats and viruses that attack laptops, desktops and servers, wherever your employees are working Email Content and Image Control 

The Email Content and Image Control service provided by, identifies and controls confidential, malicious or inappropriate email content and images from entering or leaving your organisation. It supports the goal of Data Loss Prevention and PCI Compliance.

Email Content and Image Control Features:

  • Full administrator control and configuration via the ClientNet control panel 
  • Scanning within email header subject, text body and images, as well as supported Microsoft® Office™, PDF attachments and compressed file types  
  • Multi-layered image control service, providing a high level of detection for offensive and inappropriate images 
  • Administrators set up rules and determine sensitivity levels in keeping with their acceptable use policy, with the ability to specify individual senders and recipients who can bypass the service if required 
  • Email, which triggers a rule, is subjected to a range of actions including: block/delete, redirect to administrator, copy to administrator, tag header, tag subject line, log only, and compress attachment 
  • Word list thresholds - enables administrators to determine how often keywords or phrases must occur before a rule is triggered 
  • Customisable lists of approved senders and recipients, and local image signature database 
  • Dashboard, summary, detailed and scheduled reporting 

Easy to set up and maintain, this cost-effective, hosted service helps to reduce the risk of data loss and enables you to establish and enforce an acceptable use policy, reducing compliance and legal risks, and safeguarding corporate reputation. This service requires the use of the Antispam, Antivirus service.

Symantec MessageLabs Email


Every day, organisations face potential communication, operational and intellectual property disruption from malicious software (‘malware’) and other email-borne threats, such as phishing.

The sophistication of email threats has evolved; going beyond just viruses and spam with virus, spam and spyware writers now sharing methods. As a result, different types of attack have started to merge and pose greater threats to your organisation, leading to a significant increase in email-related costs.

Some attacks are so targeted they never even appear on the antivirus industry radar and are not properly identified or stopped by reactive signature-based antivirus scanners.

The Symantec MessageLabs Email service represents a significant step forward in the ongoing battle against unwanted virus writers, because it can deal with known and unknown threats long before they reach your network. Multilayered Antivirus Defences

At the heart of our services is Skeptic™, a proprietary threat ecosystem, which has been continuously developed since 1999.

Skeptic™ sits at the internet level, scanning billions of electronic communications every week, learning from each one and automatically updating itself. The more it sees, the smarter it gets, further enhancing its threat detection capability and providing protection from known and unknown viruses.

As well as providing your organisation with protection from known and unknown viruses, advanced heuristics are constantly refined to help combat phishing, Trojans and other malicious content, which can help you to avoid using valuable time and resources, dealing with malware outbreaks and the associated clean up.

Features of Symantec MessageLabs Email

  • 100% SLA against known and unknown viruses. is the only antivirus vendor to offer this level of SLA 
  • 'Link Following' capability that safeguards your organisation from malicious links hidden in emails 
  • Reduced bandwidth and storage costs as virus and spam threats are stopped at internet level, before they reach your network 
  • Quick and easy deployment as the fully managed virus protection service requires no software or hardware installation  
  • Predictable, affordable cost with no software or hardware upgrades or maintenance 
  • Peace of mind that you are always protected against the latest malware threats as's unique multi-layered filtering proactively detects new and emerging virus threats better than anyone else

Symantec MessageLabs Email

According to Intelligence Report figures, around 75% of worldwide email traffic is spam. If left uncontrolled, this volume of unsolicited messages would add huge costs to the processing, storage and control of email, and make it virtually unusable as a business tool.

The Symantec MessageLabs Email service dramatically cuts the amount of spam reaching your organisation, so that employees no longer waste time reading and deleting spam, and the processing, storage and bandwidth costs associated with these unsolicited emails is reduced. Multilayered Spam Defences

The Symantec MessageLabs Email service employs a multi-layered defence. At the perimeter of the infrastructure, innovative Traffic and Connection Management capabilities identify, slow down and reject known unwanted email.

The next spam barriers are commercial scanners that stop known threats, and finally Skeptic™ identifies unknown and new spam by using predictive technology, incorporating thousands of heuristics rules, Bayesian learning, smart signatures, fuzzy fingerprinting and dynamic header analysis.

Skeptic™ learns from each message it sees, evolving and updating in real time to actively protect against the latest spam techniques while limiting the number of false positives.

Clients have a range of completely customisable handling options at their disposal for messages identified as spam at the various layers of the service.

Intuitive administrator and end-user spam quarantine tools provide for a flexible and productive antispam experience.


Features of Symantec MessageLabs Email

  • Multi-layered protection from spam which allows threats to be managed well away from your network 
  • Incorporating Skeptic™ predictive detection technology, which has developed since 1999 to give enhanced protection against established and emerging spam techniques 
  • Outstanding Service Level Agreements, including targets for antispam capture (99%, or 95% for emails containing Asian characters), false positives, service availability, fault response and email latency 
  • Fully configurable, with a range of actions for both administrators and end-users 
  • Quick and easy deployment as the fully managed spam protection service requires no software or hardware installation 
  • Predictable, affordable cost with no software or hardware upgrades or maintenance 
  • Multi-language support - multiple spam quarantine languages for end-user 
  • Five-star rating from VeriTest independent antispam benchmarking, with over 99% spam capture and zero false positives

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